Changing Gears

It’s official: I’m no longer with Make full-time. Though I will be a contributor from time to time, my primary position will be with Vode Lighting. Since Vode isn’t a media company, I won’t have as many exciting things to post (not that I kept up with that anyway). Making up for that, here are my top favorite videos I did with Make that I never got around to linking before:

First up: Data Dial Dashboard. This was the last project of the season, so I got a little carried away with the narration. The director decided to run with it.


Second, the Smart Remote Control. This was the craziest one we’d done, and therefore a blast to do. It took a lot of work to make it look so bad.


Finally, the Vampire Flashlight. We were up until about 11 filming this, which is pretty unusual for me. The makeup was wonderful, and added that right atmosphere to get everyone on board. I spent a solid 15 minutes trying out different screams on Wynter to get him to laugh. Too bad I don’t have any of those outtakes around.


I’d like to wrap it up at 3 to keep it short. It isn’t easy to do, and it would be even harder if I hadn’t already posted the Raspberry Pirate Radio video. But since it’s my blog and I’m in charge, I’ll leave you with a couple more. If you like what you’ve seen, then check out the Hitchhiker’s Guide-reference-filled Universal Translator, and the very weird Crypto Currency Tracker.

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Morph Ball

Dark Demo Shot

I designed and printed a morph ball for a Sphero toy. Something about the art of Metroid just has a way of sticking in my brain, I guess. For some reason I couldn’t find anyone else making a real-life morph ball, so I went and made it happen.


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Pew Pew! Raygun Sounds!

Here’s another fun thing that happened at Make:


We had an excellent noisemaker project. It’s not very often you run across a compelling analog noise making circuit, but this one made all kinds of cool sound effects from 70’s sci-fi shows. The noises were fantastic, but sound did’t read well in print. So I made a case for it. It looks pretty cool, and it’s even available in the Shed.

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